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Email Addresses

Refer to the email that best applies to your inquires. You can also find all of our officers' emails under the 'Officers' tab located at the top of our webite, thanks!


General Questions Email:

- General members questions

- How to get involved with AGS

- Requirements to becoming a trainer through our program

- General sevice dog questions

- Etc. 

- Recipient: Emily Stone


AGS' President Email:

- contacting us as a guest speaker/presentations

- Partnerships

- Recipient: Aubrey Bilicek


Administration Email:

- General donation inquiries 

- Recipient: Sarah Horwitz 


Trainer Supervisors' Email:

- Specifc training questions

- Veterinarian questions relating to our dogs in training

-Recipient: Paige Hastie


Puppy Liaison Email:

- Donation of veterinary care 

- Puppy donations

- Recipient: Aly Davis 


Mailing Address

- Please contact our Director of Adminstration before considering mailing us!

Student Organization Finance Center  
Texas A&M University
125 John J Koldus Student Services Building
Mail Stop 1236
Slot #6
College Station, TX 77843-1236


Social Media Accounts

Stay connected with up-to-date information about our organization, events, dogs in training, and more! Most of our service dogs in training have their own social media accounts, and their handles can be found on Facebook or at our general meetings. 



Facebook Page: 'Aggie Guide Dogs and Service Dogs'

- Open to the public

- Friends and family are welcome to join

- Shares new trainer teams, profit shares etc. 

Facebook Group: 'Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs'

- Closed to the public

- For paid members

- Shares new trainer teams, updates from current trainer teams, profit shares, upcoming events, etc. 



Account: @aggieguidedogsandservicedogs

- Updates on our dogs in training