Social Media

 Stay connected with up-to-date information about our organization, events, dogs in training, and more! Most of our service dogs in training have their own social media accounts, and their handles can be found on Facebook or at our general meetings.

         Facebook Page                                                          Facebook Group

             Facebook                                                              Facebook

Facebook Page: 'Aggie Guide Dogs and Service Dogs'                               Facebook Group: 'Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs'

- Open to the public                                                                                      - Closed to the public

- Friends and family are welcome to join                                                  - For paid members

- Shares new trainer teams, profit shares etc.                                         - Shares new trainer teams, updates from current trainer teams, profit shares, upcoming events, etc.


             Instagram                                                                       Youtube

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Handle: @aggieguidedogsandservicedogs                                                              Channel: AGS Aggie Guide-Dogs & Service-Dogs

- Open to the public                                                                                                     - Open to the public

- Post updates on our dogs in training                                                                    - Learn about our organization

- Posts of socials with general members                                                                 - Campus Trainings, task videos, socialization outings, etc.

- "Meet the Officer Monday"



We have a GroupMe for paid members. You can join at the beginning of each semester when we open it back up to interested students wanting to join our club.