How to Become a Trainer

It's easy!

AGS trains dogs from the time they are a puppy to about one year old. We hold 3 potential trainer classes every semester that are required for you to being a trainer through our program. There is no prior experience necessary to become a trainer through our organization. 

Step 1

- Attend our 3 Potential Trainer Classes. They always start over at the beginning of each semester. 

Step 2 

- Complete 8 hours of clicker training volunteer hours and then pass a clicker test administered by the trainer supervisors.

Step 3

- Handle our dogs at Campus trainings.

Step 4 

- Receive manual and pass a written test covering the manual. 

Step 5

- Pass home inspection and go through 2 interviews (one with the supervisors, and one with the supervisors and Dr. Alice Blue-McLendon).