Current Puppies in Training

        You can spot our dogs in training by the maroon jackets they earn through our program.



Meet Trakr! Trakr was generously donated to us by Assistance Dogs of the West in New Mexico. He entered our program in May 2018 and is being trained by Anna Sneed. 



Meet Pepper! He is a goldendoodle donated by Snickers Doodles. Pepper entered our program in March 2018. He is being trained by Abigail Newman. 



Meet Lucky! He is a labrador donated by Earle's White Labs. Lucky is being trainer by Hannah Lam. He entered our program in February 2018. 



Meet Shane! He is a standard parti poodle donated by MnJ Poodles. He is being trained by Kyla Lavender. He entered our program in January 2018. 



Meet Buddy! He is a goldendoodle donated from Faith, Love, and Doodles. He is being trained by Courtney Archer. Buddy was introduced into the program in October 2017. She says “Some things I love about Buddy- he reminds me of a rabbit, he loves to hop through the bushes and his ears flop around like a bunny. He loves to lay on his back and get belly rubs from any one he can convince. And a cute story, he does this thing where if I’m on the floor studying he will shove himself under my computer in-between my legs and will just lay there with my computer resting on him as I do homework .“



Meet Tex! He is a Labrador Retriever and is a partnership dog from MADE in Texas Assistance Dogs. He was introduced into AGS in June 2017. Paige Harris started his training and Sarah Horwitz is finishing his training! Paige says, "Tex is one of the most energetic pups you will ever meet. He loves to please people especially if it means he gets a treat for it!"

All of our dogs in training are nourished by Purina Pro-Plan Foods