Officer Positions

To run for an officer position you must be an active member (or on
your way to being active for the current semester). This means you must have paid dues
and earn twelve points by the end of the semester. You can check the
number of points you have by checking the point document on our closed Facebook group or by contacting the Director of Publicity.

If you have any questions please email

Our officers are a group of hard working individuals, and they all have
different jobs. Below are brief job descriptions and requirements, as well as
some recommended skills or items to have from past officers in that position.

By running for an officer position you are agreeing to fulfill the following:

  • Attend all AGS events, including but not limited to:

    • General meetings every other week, officer meetings the weeks in between, socials, fundraising events, on-campus events, and presentations.

  • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to meetings and events.

  • Be capable of housing and transporting AGS property

  • Represent AGS positively both during and outside of AGS events.

  • Assist other officers if needed


  • Requirements-Must have been an officer or a trainer the term before elections

  • Recommended-Be an avid planner who thinks a month in advance and have well rounded public speaking skills. It is recommended that you can multi-task and work on several different projects at once.

  • Preside at all meetings

  • Represent AGS or otherwise designate an appropriate representative

  • Oversee all operations of the organization and delegate responsibilities to members and officers

  • Overtake responsibilities of other AGS officers when deemed necessary

  • Maintain Regular contact with the AGS faculty Advisor

  • Submit all forms and reports required by the University

  • Call special meetings in case of an emergency

  • Write thank you notes to donors

  • Work with Director of Administration to direct correspondence between donors and trainers for monthly letters

  • Arrange, conduct, and oversee elections and officer transition with assistance from the officer team and advisor, where applicable

  • Maintain president email and Google Team Drive and transfer ownership to following president during officer transitions


Senior and Junior Trainer Supervisor

  • Requirements-Finished and passed Potential Trainer Training, have an extensive knowledge of positive reinforcement dog training, love AGS, and the puppy training program-you are always on call!

  • Preferred/Recommended-Have trained (and finished training) an AGS dog, or at least have been an active puppy sitter, have been a previous officer so that you understand the inner workings of AGS

  • This is a huge job and critical to the program. If the Trainer Supervisors are not on top of the ball and very responsible, the AGS program will not work very well for the entire year, and probably the years after because they will have set a bad example

  • Best Suite for those who have great time management/organizational skills and who can tolerate high levels of stress.

  • Supervise the selection of puppies from humane organizations and the puppy trainer selection process

  • Communicate with the Trainer Liaison when receiving approval from the President and Advisor for entrance of a new puppy into the AGS training program

  • Supervise the training and socialization of puppies including but not limited to: plan and coordinate Campus Trainings twice a month, reading and responding to weekly and monthly reports, jacket testing puppies, planning and leading training outings twice a month and constantly evaluating each dog's suitability for the program

  • Evaluate puppies between 12 and 18 months of age to determine placement options and supervise placement of retired (VIP) dogs into loving homes

  • Maintain adequate food stock and all puppy supply inventory

  • Facilitate communication between trainers and the faculty advisor for the distribution of flea and heartworm preventatives.

  • Work together with Senior/Junior to coordinate AGS puppy training and sitting program.

  • Conduct the Potential Trainer classes, shelter hours, clicker tests, manual tests, interviews, home inspections, and have the final say on a potential trainers' skill and whether or not they get a puppy

  • Respond to emails regarding puppies, service dog inquiries, and training.



  • Preferred-Be a current or past trainer

  • Recommended- Be comfortable working with our donors and sponsors

  • Trainer Liaison must be level headed, reliable, timely, and organized

  • Find veterinary sponsors for AGS dogs

  • Maintain communication on AGS' behalf with local veterinarians

  • Research and compile a list of breeders suitable for donating an AGS puppy

  • Contact breeders about donating puppies to the AGS program

  • Set up temperament tests of suitable litters

  • Respond to emails regarding puppy donation requests

  • Maintain positive relationships with AGS’ regular breeder donors

  • Represent AGS in a positive manner

  • Coordinate temperament tests for service dog prospects

  • Obtain all trainer and dog ID’s as well as dog tags

  • Ensure trainers deliver thank-you gifts to veterinary sponsors and deliver the official AGS sponsorship thank-you gift when the sponsored dog has graduated

  • Work alongside Senior Trainer Supervisor and Junior Trainer Supervisor to ensure the success of the puppy and trainer teams.

  • Order and deliver graduation certificates and trophies

  • Keep breeders and vet sponsors updated on AGS dogs when necessary

  • Handle paper work for puppies living in dorms on campus.


Administration Director

  • Recommended- Organization is key! It also helps to know something about handling bills, money, and managing multiple bank accounts. It also helps if you were an officer the year prior.

  • Serve as treasurer and secretary of the organization

  • Pay invoices & collect dues

  • Oversee other monetary transactions, including fundraising activities and donations

  • Maintain contact with the faculty advisor

  • Interpret, explain and guarantee observance of university financial policies and guidelines to members and the officer team, as necessary

  • Sign all forms related to billing or SOFC alongside the advisor or president

  • Formulate a budget with officer team input, obtaining final approval from advisor

  • Approve expenditures by officers before they occur and reimburse accordingly

  • Maintain the AGS online store through Marketplace and oversee merchandise distribution

  • Work with designated shirt designer and the AGS officer team to create AGS’ annual t-shirt

  • Change bank signature card information after a new President and Director of Administration have been selected and within two weeks of officer transitions.

  • Handling the money! At any given time we have 6-7 separate bank accounts with the student organization finance center, each with a specific purpose. You handle all reimbursement and judge the fiscal capabilities of the organization. This is the bulk of the position, but do not underestimate its time commitment.

  • Keep a tab on all donations/sponsorships


Programs Director

  • Recommended- You must to be able to talk to speakers, members, and other organizations in a professional manner. You must represent AGS well when talking to them. Must be able to speak in front of crowds and command a presence as a public speaker.

  • Plan general member meetings

  • Schedule and coordinate any guest speakers for general member meetings

  • Mail hand-written thank you notes to guest speakers

  • Preside over general member meetings in the president’s absence

  • Plan food and drinks for each general meeting

  • Coordinate the transport of food and drinks to each general meeting, delegating to other officers when necessary

  • Create presentations for educational outreach programs

  • Receive approval on all presentations from President

  • Take notes at all officer meetings and share them with the faculty advisor.

  • Remind the officer team if condolences need to be made for any special scenarios.


Public Relations Director

  • Recommended- It helps if you like to write things such as captains on social media. You need good grammar and spelling skills; many people will be reading what you write. This is a good starting officer position. Computer skills are important. Knowing how to run/manage a website is recommended but not necessary, as long as you are computer savvy and can problem solve and figure things out on the run

  • Maintain and update AGS social media account

  • Maintain and update the AGS website

  • Update and manage trifold

  • Create, keep up to date, and distribute promotional materials, such as flyers and business cards

  • Receive approval from president for all promotional materials

  • Create and mail AGS Christmas cards to trainers, officers, donors, and others on the mailing list

  • Maintain said mailing list.

  • Develop and plan educational events to educate the public about AGS and Service Dogs

  • Maintain and update the AGS YouTube Page

  • Take photos at events to upload to social media accounts


Membership Director  

  • Recommended- Having a flexible schedule to make it to many events. 

  • Required-Go to campus trainings to maintain the sign in list

  • Take attendance at AGS events and take photos of the events

  • Collect receipts from profit shares for the purpose of tracking attendance

  • Keep track of membership points and work with Administration to maintain a list of active members

  • Keep a yearly scrapbook of AGS events

  • Create and print the newsletter for each general meeting

  • Check the AGS email regularly and respond or forward emails to the appropriate officer in a timely manner

  • Maintain and update the email list-serv

  • Send announcements and weekly emails via list-serv

  • Receive approval from President for mass communications.


Co-Events Directors

  • Recommended- Organized and works in a timely manner. This position is not the best fit for someone who tends to procrastinate.

  • Must have the funds to pay for the food and drinks, etc., at the meetings and events. This can cost upwards of $200 at times. The reimbursement process can take 2-3 weeks. So you need to have the cash to spare to take care of that.

  • Organize and plan all other AGS events, including but not limited to socials, banquets, and on-campus events

  • Set up profit shares at restaurants

  • Receive approval for fundraising events from President

  • Set up fundraisers, and manage all major aspects of the event. This includes purchasing supplies, establishing a location, managing assistants for the event, dealing with sponsors of fundraiser, publicizing the event, and thanking participants of the event.

  • Keep track of the money raised during the event.

  • Transfer all money to the Director of Administration immediately to be deposited. Turn in all receipts from purchases made for the event. You will be reimbursed for these expenditures

  • Schedule, plan for, and organize the AGS booth set-up at public events, including but not limited to MSC Open House and Vet School Open House

  • Receive approval from President for all events.

  • Take photos at events

  • Assist other Directors in the planning and implementation of fundraising and educational events.