Current Puppies in Training

You can spot our dogs in training by the maroon jackets they earn through our program.


Say hello to Mav! He is a yellow labrador retriever that was generously donated to AGS from Freedom Service Dogs in Colorado. Mav was born on January 19th and started training through AGS in April of 2019. Mav will be trained by Ethan Gillmore. He is incredibly motivated to learn and eager to please! When not training, you could almost definitely find Mav chewing on his favorite hedgehog toy or taking a power nap.


Meet Goose!! He is a Standard Poodle that was graciously donated to AGS from FSD, Freedom Service Dogs, in Colorado. Goose was born on January 25th and entered into AGS program April of 2019, and he will be trained by Riley Wilkerson. He is such a smart boy and loves to train, especially when kibble is involved. You can find him napping or chewing on his monkey when he isn't training.


Meet Nichols, an 8 week old labradoodle generously donated from Endless Pawsabilities. He is being trained by Alexis Hobbs. Nichols is a very spirited, sweet boy. When he is not training, he enjoys napping and playing with his favorite teddy bear.


Meet Rhys! Rhys is a golden retriever generously donated by Safari Doodles. He was born 12/20/18 and entered our AGS program in February 2019. Rhys is being trained by Ashleigh Griffin. He is very sweet and loves making new friends. When he isn’t training he can be found playing with his favorite blue bear or napping.


Meet Rudder! He is a cream Goldendoodle that was generously donated by Gig Em Goldendoodle and entered the program in January of 2019. He was just an 8 week old puppy when he aspired to be a service dog and joined the program. He is being trained by Ashleigh Willis. Rudder has a laid back personality, but all bets are off when its time to play. His favorite things to do include eating and playing with all his fun toys. When he is not training, he can be found napping or following his roommates around the house. 


Meet Maya! She is a black lab that was generously donated by Assistance Dogs of the West in New Mexico. She entered the program in December 2018 with her brother, Graham. She is being trained by Nicole Huette. Maya's favorite things are kibble, people, toys, and tummy rubs in no particular order. She loves learning new things, along with getting lots of pets from everybody that she meets. When she isn't training, Maya can be found chewing on her bones or one of her squeaky toys.


Meet Graham! Graham is a black lab donated by Assistance Dogs of the West in New Mexico and entered our program in December 2018. He is being trained by Sarah Knizner. Graham is a very happy pup whose tail starts wagging as soon as he sees you. He loves people and playing with toys. When he’s not training, he can be found chewing on his favorite toy or taking a nap. 

All of our dogs in training are nourished by Purina Pro-Plan Foods