Current Puppies in Training


You can spot our dogs in training by the maroon jackets they earn through our program.



Meet Sinbad! He is a 6 month old black lab puppy who is just beginning his AGS journey. Sinbad is being trained by Michael Farner. He is a smart, fun loving dog whose two great loves are getting a food reward and playing with toys. Sinbad loves to have fun, and he loves to learn. He also throughly enjoys watching movies and going for rides in the car



Meet Sully! He is a labradoodle generously donated to us by Lake Country Labradoodles! Sully is being trained by Hailey Cooper. Sully has a laid back personality and loves to nap. He is always eager to learn new things. Sully’s favorite pass time is to play with his blue sheep while Hailey works on homework. 


Meet Margo! She is a Double Doodle donated to by Lake Country Labradoodles! Margo is being trained by Brittany Stewart. Margo is very sweet and loves learning new things. She loves people and often sits in front of them hoping to get some head scratches. Margo enjoys playing with her toys and tries to lay on top of as many of them as she can!


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Meet Trakr! Trakr was generously donated to us by Assistance Dogs of the West in New Mexico. He entered our program in May 2018 and is being trained by Anna Sneed. Trakr is a sweet boy who loves cuddles and finding blankets on the ground to nest in. He’s already a pro at just about everything he does, and goes about his training in a confident manner. He has a goofy spirit that can brighten up a room in seconds! 



Meet Pepper! He is a goldendoodle donated by Snickers Doodles. Pepper entered our program in March 2018. He is being trained by Abigail Newman. Pepper is a super goofy boy. He loves to give kisses and to be snuggled! Pepper is super curious, loves to learn new things, and explore new places. He also really likes to take naps in the bathtub and will sometimes take toys with him.



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Meet Lucky! He is a labrador donated by Earle's White Labs. Lucky is being trainer by Hannah Lam. He entered our program in February 2018. Lucky loves going on fun outings and learning new tasks.  His favorite things in the world are other dogs, kids, and kibble.  When he’s not busy working, Lucky can be found playing with a squeaky toy or taking a long nap.



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Meet Shane! He is a standard parti poodle donated by MnJ Poodles. He is being trained by Kyla Lavender. He entered our program in January 2018. Shane absolutely loves training and enjoys when he gets to go out working with Kyla. As soon as the jacket comes off, and he is off duty, he is full of energy. Shane tilts his head at almost any strange noise, and he likes to pounce, prance, and bounce around the yard while playing with a ball. He loves to be near Kyla and will sit either right against her legs or on top of her feet. They make a great team!



Meet Buddy! He is a goldendoodle donated from Faith, Love, and Doodles that joined our program in October 2017. He began his training with Courtney Archer and is continuing his training with Louisa Martin. Courtney says, “Some things I love about Buddy- he reminds me of a rabbit, he loves to hop through the bushes and his ears flop around like a bunny. He loves to lay on his back and get belly rubs from any one he can convince. He [also] does this thing where if I’m on the floor studying he will shove himself under my computer in-between my legs and will just lay there with my computer resting on him as I do homework.“

All of our dogs in training are nourished by Purina Pro-Plan Foods